Bruce Crippen

Bruce Crippen is a career photographer specializing in photojournalism. He worked at three Ohio newspapers over nearly 40 years and is currently freelancing and teaching in Cincinnati. He took an interest in photography while a broadcasting student at Ohio State University.

A required photography class changed the course of his studies and ultimately became a career. The Fostoria Review-Times and the Fremont News-Messenger provided the experience he needed to land a position at a metropolitan daily, The Cincinnati Post. He stayed there as a staff photographer, picture editor and director of photography until it closed at the end of 2007.

Clients of his include USA Today, Thomas More College, The Cincinnati Business Courier, Queen City Metro, The American Federation of Teachers, Stepping Stones, Tata Consultancy Services, and others.

He will teach studio and location lighting at the University of Cincinnati this fall. He has also taught photojournalism at UC and NKU, and several photography courses at Antonelli College. This is the fifth time he has presented the photography portion of the program at Northern Kentucky University’s high school journalism workshop.

  1. My favorite TV show? Sons of Anarchy was great. It appeared to be a very realistic show. I’ve been a motorcycle rider for 48 years, so shows involving motorcycles or other kinds of motor vehicles are always of interest.
  2. Social media? Probably Facebook. I don’t do much in the way of social media. When I have down time I do a little catching up on FB, but I don’t post all that often.
  3. Memorable moment? I really have many. Having worked at The Cincinnati Post, I’ve seen history made in many ways. I’ve photographed every U. S. president since Richard Nixon, though not Barack Obama, simply because I had the presidential assignments when working for the newspaper. Obama wasn’t in office until after the Post closed. I was also in the Reds dugout when Pete Rose hit his 4192nd hit to break Ty Cobb’s hit record. I’ve shot the Super Bowl in Miami, Florida when the Bengals lost in the last few seconds of the game to the San Francisco 49er’s. I also shot the Final Four when the University of Cincinnati played and lost in Minneapolis.
  4. A movie about me? I can’t imagine that happening, but if it did, it might have to be a story based on fact with a lot of poetic license added to make it interesting. Who’d play me? How about Brad Pitt? If he’s not available, maybe Johnny Depp.
  5. My bucket list? I’ve done a lot and been a lot of places. But, with my interest in motorcycles, the one thing that is on my bucket list is that I’d love to go to England and take the ferry to see the Isle of Man Grand Prix. It is broadcast on satellite television every year. I tape all the race categories and watch them and never get bored.