Bruce Crippen

Bruce Crippen

Bruce Crippen, Media Professional

Job Title: Professor at NKU, Antonelli College, and UC

Discipline: Photography, Journalism

Areas of Expertise: Photography, Editing

Bio: I started college not knowing what I wanted to do. A lousy grade in my first accounting class made me realize sitting at a desk wasn’t for me.

My roommate was in the radio and television sequence, and that sounded like real fun, so I signed up. One of the first required classes was beginning photojournalism. I was hooked when I saw my first black and white image appear in a darkroom. People I met in college at Bowling Green State University in northwest Ohio have been part of the influences in the direction of my career.

Career stops have included gigs at two small town daily newspapers. I then made the jump to a metropolitan daily, The Cincinnati and Kentucky Post. I stayed at The Post until it closed at the end of 2007. Since then I’ve freelanced and taught at NKU, Antonelli College and UC.

Photography still has a death grip on me. There have been so many changes in the technology that it never gets boring and I never stop learning.


Favorite Social Media: My favorite social media is Facebook. Although I should, I really don’t dabble in the others.

Dream Job: My dream job was working at The Post. Freelancing comes in a close second. One of my main accounts involved shooting lots of corporate portraits, usually CEOs, CFOs and young people who had new ideas and turned them into thriving businesses.

Interesting Fact: Whether this fact is interesting or not, I was a high school basketball official for more than 15 years. I loved working games and meeting other officials who enjoyed the sport. It was challenging learning and keeping up with new rules and changes in the game. The running kept me in good physical condition.