Dean Hume


Dean Hume, Media Professional

Job Title: Journalism Teacher, Lakota East High School

Discipline/Program: i.e. Journalism, Electronic Media and Broadcasting, Specialized Writing, sports coverage, reporting, columns, publication/staff management.

Areas of Expertise: i.e. what you’re teaching for the camp

Camp focus: How to run a staff; how to build a program; how to use skills obtained at the workshop.

Bio: A Cleveland Indians fan from the glory days of the ‘60s (who incidentally had the largest collection of baseball cards in the city before my mother tossed them while I was away at camp), I always loved sports and hated the dreaded yankees (lower case on purpose). I could hit a curveball but not the fastball, so that left me with writing – which provided more opportunities to relate compelling people stories (while limiting the access to smelly locker rooms). I have been lucky to cover sports and to write features and columns for daily newspapers as well as teach students across the country the joy involved in that pursuit. It is not easy. But journalists meet the coolest, most interesting people – often lodged in the most difficult or the most exciting times. A front-row seat to the human condition. What could be better?


Favorite APP: ESPN

Favorite dream job: MLB pitching coach

Interesting fact: played little league with a future MLB player and a future NFL player.