Steve Bien-Aime

Steve Bien-Aime

Steve Bien-Aime, Media Professional

Job title: Assistant professor

Discipline/program: Journalism, pop culture and informatics

Area of expertise: Copy editing, sports and multimedia journalism


Bio: Hi all, I’m an assistant journalism professor here at NKU. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with journalism, politics and sports in particular.

Before I went into teaching, I worked as a copy editor and business columnist at The News Journal in Delaware, a sports copy editor at The Baltimore Sun and served in a variety of functions at, departing as deputy National Football League editor.

After working in the industry, I decided to get my Ph.D. in mass communications at Penn State. My research interests include race and gender portrayals in sports and news media. Primarily, I explore representation in news articles and journalism style manuals. I also explore news consumption and social media.

At NKU, I teach news writing, multimedia journalism, and news media diversity in the Department of Communication.


Favorite social media: Facebook and Twitter

Dream job: Still looking

Interesting fact: I was thrown out of a boxing gym by a former world champion.