Wes Akers

Wes Akers

Wes Akers, Media Professional

Job Title: Senior Lecturer, Electronic Media and Broadcasting

Area of Expertise: Live television producing and directing


I started my journalism journey as a writer for my high school newspaper. I continued to write for papers while in college. After graduation, I got a job as a one-man band TV news reporter, shooter and editor.

I then produced and hosted a weekly TV show about state government. After nearly two years of covering Kentucky’s statehouse, I spent the next decade or so as a live sports cameraman for FoxSports Ohio and ESPN.

I just completed my 15th year as a fulltime Senior Lecturer at NKU. In addition to teaching, I am also the director for the ESPN3 and FoxSports Ohio telecasts of NKU basketball. I’ve also found time to produce three Emmy nominated TV news documentaries and two Edward R. Murrow winning radio documentaries.

Favorite Social Media: I’m anti- social media.

Fun fact: The last documentary I produced has been viewed over one million times on YouTube with an average viewing time of over 30 minutes.

Dream job: As a kid I always wanted to grow up and be either a professional athlete or a rock star. As an adult, I’ve always dream of becoming a lifeguard at a really beautiful beach. But, having a job teaching at a university has been pretty cool.