Michele Day


Michele Day, Director/Media Professional

Job Title: Director, Journalism & Digital Media Academy

Discipline: Journalism

Areas of expertise: Interviewing, News Writing

Bio: I discovered journalism at a summer camp for high school students. More than 30 years later, I’m still going to journalism camp.

But now, I’m organizing the event – and planning activities that reflect the transformation of journalism today. As the founding director of Northern Kentucky University’s Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop, I work to put together a program that includes things like shooting Instagram photos on iPads, posting videos on websites and developing infographics with data – in addition to the traditional interviewing and writing techniques that I learned as a teen.

But the overall purpose of the program is quite similar to the camp of my youth. I still want to give students a peek into the lives of journalists and how they can tell interesting, credible and important stories.  The difference is that today, we have a lot more ways to tell those stories.

As for my background, I worked for newspapers for more than 20 years, including 17 years as an editor and a reporter for the Cincinnati and Kentucky Post. I’ve been teaching at NKU since 2001. I’m the faculty adviser for NKU’s student media, which includes The Northerner and Norse Code Radio.

Outside of NKU and journalism, I’m a serious podcast consumer, prone to quoting my discoveries from “The Moth,” ”Reply All”  and “Planet Money.” 


Favorite Social Media: I’ll go with Twitter. It’s such an incredible resource. I follow fascinating people so it opens up whole new worlds for me.

Dream job: Most days, I’m living the dream. What could be more exciting than sharing journalism experiences with a new generation? On the occasional bad day in academia, I think I’d like to work in a little bookstore near the beach.

Interesting fact: I take the stairs instead of the elevator. Be warned if you start walking with me to my office.