Andrea Carter


Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism and Sociology

Role: Story Editor

High school: Williamstown Independent High School

At a young age Andrea Carter began to announce her future plans to anyone who would listen.

“When I grow up I want to be a journalist,” she would say. It was only when she didn’t know how to spell journalist that her aspirations changed. Eventually, as her spelling skills grew so did her interest in the field of journalism.

Andrea didn’t have any journalism experience when entering college. Coming from such a small town there was little to no opportunity to explore her curiosity for the profession, so she set her sights in a different direction.

It was only when she took Professor Day’s News Writing class that she felt inspired to do what she really wanted.

Andrea’s high school experience was an eventful one, but she says that she wouldn’t change a thing about it.

“School-based scholar classes, advanced placement classes, an array of sports and clubs, friends, and six younger siblings filled my time,” she explained.

During high school, she struggled to find something that she was truly passionate about. Andrea tried nearly every sport from cheerleading to basketball as well as joined several clubs. In the end, she was only enthusiastic about two of them: the yearbook committee and the book club.

“Journalism entails everything that I adored about these clubs from editing and reworking what does not work to creating a final and cohesive piece. I love being able to combine skills of mine such as problem solving and writing so that I may create something that others will enjoy as well,” she said.

In her free time, Andrea likes to write, read mainly young adult novels, watch television series such as Game of Thrones, listen to Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan for hours on end, and cuddle with her pet hedgehog.

“I am excited to get the chance to work hands-on with high school students, so that they may discover what it is about journalism that intrigues them,” stated Andrea.