Heidi Rink


Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration and Business Informatics

Role: Social Media Editor, Photo Editor

High School: Batavia High School

Heidi Rink is a business administration and business informatics double major and a senior at NKU.

Heidi has a passion for business, media, marketing, and technology.  Growing up around friends and family that were involved in the music industry has really shaped her as a businesswoman and marketer. Heidi knew that she wanted to major in business because she had a future goal of working in media management.

Heidi has also found a love and passion for social media.

“Social Media is not just about making a post for the sake of a post; it’s about social strategy and identity,” she said.

Her favorite social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but she is always on the lookout for the newest and latest social site trends. Heidi grew up in the transition to the digital era and social media sites have always intrigued her. She thinks that they are really beneficial from a business standpoint, and a very useful tool in marketing.

Heidi took a social media marketing course at NKU in Fall 2013 and it inspired her to learn to use and implement social media for business.

Heidi has found herself involved in many activities around NKU’s campus. She is heavily involved with The Northerner. She has taken on the role of Photographer, Social Media Editor, and now her newest position, the Promotions Director.

“I think I have finally found my true happiness, I really have a desire for learning about digital journalism,” she said.

She strives to promote The Northerner, along with her team members, to make The Northerner known around campus and within the community and making it as interactive as possible.

“The reason why that I got involved to participate as a mentor because I was specifically asked by Michele Day, the adviser for The Northerner. I dedicated my time and knowledge to this workshop because I enjoy helping others succeed,” Heidi said. “I was also a senior mentor at Batavia High School in 2008 for incoming Freshmen students and I really enjoyed helping others, and I thought that being a mentor again would be very fun and a great learning experience.”

Ever since getting involved with The Northerner and gaining friendships with people involved in journalism, it has really broadened Heidi’s network and every single day she is appreciative of being able to assist in all that she can with her knowledge of business and marketing.

Having that knowledge about marketing in digital journalism can really make or break you.

“As a journalist, knowing how to market yourself successfully as a writer along with your stories allows you to reach people on a whole new level,” Heidi said. “Due to the rate of social media being a top news source for everybody now, breaking news and stories are in their glory for the world to share via social sites.”