John Flaherty


Year: Junior

Major: Journalism

Minor: Media Informatics

High school: Owensboro High School


John Flaherty is a junior journalism major at Northern Kentucky University and a mentor for the Journalism in the Digital Age summer workshop. He also recently became an Arts & Life editor for The Northerner, NKU’s independent student newspaper.


In addition to writing, John has also studied web design and photography. At the workshop this summer, he will have the chance to share what he has learned with more students.


With his minor in media informatics, he plans to support The Northerner in its journey to become a digital first publication. The workshop will provide an exercise in web first publication which he hopes will benefit the future of the Northerner.


“If you want to be an effective journalist there are so many new concepts you need to understand,” Flaherty said. “Creativity and flexibility tend to be valued highly in this field. We want savvy go-getters.”


As a staff writer, John has helped to cultivate the technology and media section of the Northerner, an interdisciplinary section that has lead to a variety of stories around the campus.


“Tech is such an exciting concept to write about. It is constantly changing and going in unexpected directions,” Flaherty said. “Through journalism I am able to analyze and follow these trends, seeing the human impact that they have had on our society.”


John hopes that through the workshop he will be able to prepare the students to be ready and capable of contributing to their college newspaper immediately upon the start of their freshmen year. He also hopes to instill in students the respect that he holds for the medium, and the responsibilities it holds.


“Most problems in the world don’t present themselves, they have to be found. That’s what journalism is for,” Flaherty said.