Kerry Skiff



Major: Journalism

Minor: Electronic Media and Broadcasting

High School: Christian Educational Consortium

“There is nothing more fascinating than people,” said Kerry Skiff, junior Journalism major at Northern Kentucky University. “I’ve always loved learning about people and hearing their stories. This is what I love about Journalism.”


Skiff has been involved in journalism since her junior year of high school. She says she wrote for a teen insert in the News Enterprise newspaper of Elizabethtown, Kentucky.


“I then took a journalism class my senior year of high school and absolutely loved it,” she said. “I knew it was what I wanted to do.”


Skiff says she’s a very curious person.


“I’m like a cat,” she jokes. “but curiosity hasn’t killed me yet.”


Skiff has many interests and has written on topics from construction to speeches to a profile on NKU’s president, Geoffrey Mearns.


“I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite story,” she said. “I’ve loved each and every one. They were all interesting to me.”


Skiff has recently been appointed the new Copy Desk Chief of The Northerner student newspaper, a position she says she “can’t wait to start.”


“I honestly loved helping out with editing stories and making corrections this past year,” said Skiff. “I’m a perfectionist and a word nerd so I think I’ll be able to bring those things into my work there.”


Skiff said she’s not sure what she wants to do after she graduates. “I feel like there are too many options for me,” she says laughing. “I have too many interests, which makes it hard to choose.”


Skiff said she entered college wanting to be a newspaper reporter and work her way up to an editor position. She sees her new appointment as copy editor at The Northerner as a practice run to see if that’s a fit for her.


“Unfortunately, though, copy editors are the ones who have been cut from newsrooms recently,”Skiff said. “so I definitely need to keep my options open.”