Lizzie Kibler


Major: Journalism

Minor: Electronic Media and Broadcasting

High School: McAuley High School


Before she could even write, Lizzie produced stories through the lesser known language of “scribbles.” As she got older, she would write many short stories, poems and songs while subjecting her family to listen to each and every one of them.


It wasn’t until her freshman year of high school did she figure out that journalism was something she would be interested in. After asking her English teacher at McAuley High School if there would be any creative writing projects in the class, Lizzie was immediately asked if she would be interested in journalism.


After that, Lizzie became the first freshman allowed on the school newspaper and later took on a full position her sophomore year. She also took on head editor of her Latin club’s newsletter which placed excellent and superior in the Ohio Junior Classical League, a Latin based state competition.


Her experience with journalism in college spans from sports writing with NKYSports to radio news on Norse Code Radio, NKU’s student run radio station.


Lizzie hopes to become a reporter or writer for a news station in the future. After watching Gilmore Girls, she always aspired to be Rory Gilmore.


She has also found interest in art direction after producing several student films. Lizzie’s role models include Gerard Way, Katharine Graham, and Andy Rooney.


A fun fact about her is that she is double jointed in her left thumb and both elbows.


“Imagination opens doorways where once stood a wall,” Kibler said.