Marc Kennedy


Year: Ultra-Senior

Major: Electronic Media Broadcasting/Philosophy

Minor: Journalism

High School: Beechwood High School

Marc Kennedy is a fifth-year senior at NKU, currently the video editor for the Northerner and will be one of the video mentors for this years digital journalism workshop. After spending a number of semesters completing his courses in the electronic media program, Kennedy decided to devote some time to strengthening his writing and print media skills.


Whether it’s writing in magazines or newspaper, filming and photographing live events or recording music and talk show programs, Marc likes to be involved in every aspect of the media production process.


With a background in philosophy and a focus in political philosophy & ethics, Kennedy hopes to apply some of the critical thinking and broader understanding skills to his writing and reporting – especially when writing about cross-cultural communication, ethical dilemmas within our everyday lives or political activism in the modern age.


“There’s nothing more exhilarating than really getting down to the roots of beliefs and the ideas that shape our world,” Kennedy said.


Now as he’s preparing to graduate in December, Marc would like to engage in one last educational opportunity as a mentor at this workshop.


“I had very little involvement with on-campus groups when I first came into Northern, but now I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of almost every extracurricular program I wish I had known from the beginning,” Kennedy said.