Nancy Curtis


Year: Senior

Major: Journalism

Minor: Popular Culture

High School: Dayton High School


Nancy Curtis is a senior journalism major and popular culture minor at Northern Kentucky University. After a semester of staff writing and another as Arts & Life Editor at The Northerner, NKU’s student run newspaper, she now serves as Editor-In-Chief. She has written stories on topics ranging from Harry Potter themed weeks at dorms to the struggles of scheduling courses.


Nancy has a strong passion for the world of entertainment journalism, often covering stories out of the music and theater departments. She chose the fabulous world of journalism as her career path after watching teen reporter Chloe Sullivan break all the weird news on the Superman television series Smallville.


On any given day she can be found feeding her caffeine addiction in Starbucks, reading her favorite entertainment magazines, and scrolling through Tumblr obsessing over her favorite TV shows, especially Supernatural.


Fresh off her 21st birthday Nancy is prepping for her final year at NKU, hoping to use her degree to pursue a career in entertainment journalism.