Derek Daley

Derek Daley

Year: Senior

Major: Media Informatics

Minor: Electronic Media & Broadcasting and New Media Art

High School: Newport Central Catholic


This will be Derek’s fourth year here at NKU. With a background in multiple different types of media, ranging from Video, Audio, and Design, all the way to Web Development, Derek brings together his experiences in each different discipline to help himself accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively.

After his first semester Derek found his path choosing to pursue Media Informatics as his potential career path. Derek has always had a feel for Visual Media. In high school he would constantly be fiddling with Photoshop and messing with video production. He states “I’ve always had that creative side, but have always had a thing for technology aswell, and when I came to NKU and found out that I can combine that creative drive alongside that technological urge, I knew I was where I wanted to be.”

Derek has many hobbies, of which include gaming, technology, and most of all music. He’s been making music ever since he was a kid, and it helps him stem his creative juices into a single use. This love for music turned into a love for sound in general when he was introduced to the sound design courses at NKU through his Electronic Media and Broadcasting Minor. Through the resources at NKU he now has access to the recording studio in Griffin Hall and this allows him to push his creative processes to a professional level.

Derek is looking forward to graduation in 2017, and looks forward to working with NKU’s journalism program to push his skills to the next level!

  1. Favorite TV Show and why? Game of Thrones: because winter is coming, and it’s my favorite season.
  2. Favorite Social Media site or blog and why? Facebook, mainly because all my family from California uses the
    platform and it allows for the easiest communication with them out of all the other social media sites.
  3. Memorable moment and why? Went up to Dayton Ohio for St.Patrick’s Day 3 years ago, got caught in the middle of a riot and swat police, 0/10 would not do again.
  4. If a movie was made of your life what genre would it be and who should play you? Horror Comedy, Robin Williams.
  5.  What’s one thing you’d put on your bucket list and why?  A trip around Asia. I find Asian artwork and landscapes to become of the most interesting in the world. Europe is always cool, but to me I find ancient Asian culture to be some of the most interesting. China, Korea, Japan, India, all I want to travel to one day.
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