Andrea Carter

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism and Sociology

Minor: Popular Culture

Role: Story Editor/ Photo Editor

High school: Williamstown Independent High School

Andrea Carter is eager to expand upon her involvement in the field of journalism. Her experience as a story editor during the 2014 Digital Journalism Camp at NKU, along with the passion for being a well-rounded journalist has brought her back for another summer of helping high school students understand the multiple facets of the profession.

Although Andrea didn’t have any journalism experience when entering college, she is now the copy editor for The Northerner. She credits this accomplishment to all of the opportunities that NKU has offered her.

“I came from such a small town where there was little to no opportunity to explore my curiosity for the profession, so I honestly gave up on the idea of being a journalist,” Andrea said. “However, my interest in journalism never really disappeared so I decided to take a class my freshman year and I haven’t turned back since.”

The class in which she took was Professor Michele Day’s News Writing course. During the class she learned much more than the basics of journalism, she finally knew what path she wanted to take.

Andrea’s high school experience was an eventful one, but she says that she wouldn’t change a thing about it.

During high school, she struggled to find something that she was truly passionate about. Andrea tried nearly every sport from cheerleading to basketball as well as joined several clubs. In the end, she was only enthusiastic about two of them: the yearbook committee and the book club.

“Journalism entails everything that I adored about these clubs from editing to creating a final and cohesive piece. I love being able to combine skills of mine such as problem solving and writing so that I may create something that others will enjoy,” she said.

In her free time, Andrea likes to write and read mainly contemporary novels. She religiously watches Netflix, and listens to folk, pop, and alternative music for hours on end. Her absolute favorite pastime is spending time with her pet hedgehog and kitty.

  1. What is your favorite T.V. show? Why? My all time favorite show is Friends. There is a certain nostalgic feeling that washes over me when I watch an episode. Nothing cheers me up more than watching Ross and Rachel’s will-they-or-won’t-they relationship. Also Chandler is my spirit animal.
  2. Favorite social media website or blog? Why? I frequent YouTube and Buzzfeed, but Tumblr has to be my favorite social media website. There is such a wide variety of content and honestly I could spend hours on there searching for various public opinions on current events to watching a kitten and a monkey develop an unusual friendship.
  3. What is your most memorable moment? Why? As a high school senior, I went to Disney World for the first time during Spring Break. Although I was technically an adult and haven’t been interested in Disney for years, I instantly began to cry as I saw Peter Pan (my favorite Disney character) fly across the stage. It has been 2 years, and that still is my favorite memory.
  4. If a movie was made about your life what genre would it be and who would play you? The genre would most likely be a quirky indie movie and Meryl Streep would obviously play me from birth to now (she is that good).
  5. What is one thing you would add to your bucket list? Why? I would love to go scuba diving. I am too afraid of heights to go skydiving and I absolutely adore water.