Lindsey Rudd

Year: Senior

Major: Electronic Media and Broadcasting

Minor: Sports Business

Role: Video Editor

High School: Eastern High School


After spending her first two years of college as undeclared student, Lindsey Rudd finally committed to something and started pursuing video production. She made this decision based on general interest, great professors, and pressure to start actually working on a degree.

She is currently the video editor for The Northerner. Rudd enjoys working with the writers and creating videos centered on events and people that she wouldn’t know about otherwise. “It’s been cool to hang out with journalists and learn more about their medium of storytelling,” said Rudd. “My favorite thing about working at The Northerner is definitely the multimedia projects because they’re a collaborative effort that showcase a lot of different talents and ideas.”

Rudd loves documentary style videos that focus on social issues. She is currently interning with Charitable Words, an organization that hires students to tell stories about nonprofits. One day she hopes to create socially conscious media as a profession. Rudd’s other goals include organizing a lunch date with Kanye West and Amy Poehler.

Her general interests include watching basketball games and replays of basketball games during the offseason. Her favorite teams are the University of Louisville Cardinals and the San Antonio Spurs. She cares very deeply for Tim Duncan and her dog, Emma, an 8 year old chow chow that loves all types of cheese and being left alone.

Please don’t ask her what she plans on doing after college because she sincerely has no idea and really, really, really doesn’t want to talk about it.

  1. Favorite TV Show and why? — Parks and Recreation because it makes me laugh and cry a lot.
  2. Favorite Social Media site or blog and why? — Twitter because it’s funny and informative or Snapchat because I like sending ugly pictures of myself to people.
  3. Memorable moment and why?My most memorable moment was seeing Kanye West live because he’s been my favorite artist since I was in high school.
  4. If a movie was made of your life what genre would it be and who should play you? — Aubrey Plaza would definitely play me in a comedy or sports drama.
  5. What’s one thing you’d put on your bucket list and why?  — One thing on my bucket list is to sit next to Nelly at a Charlotte Hornets game and share a plate of nachos with him.