Alec Reynolds


Year: Senior

Major: Electronic Media and Broadcasting

Minor: Media Informatics

Role: Video editor / Design editor

High School: LaSalle High School




I  discovered media when I was in grade school and started to play music and skateboard.  

Media goes hand and hand with just about everything nowadays, but those two activities definitely sparked my interest within the media.  I would always find myself borrowing my parents’ cameras and film myself and other around the neighborhood cruising down the street, doing gnarly tricks, or jumping off large objects.

Music is its own form of media and it also goes together with so many other forms of media.  I began playing guitar in the fourth grade and have been discovering all the new ways music pairs with other media, whether it be the recording process, the social media networking, or stories being covered and told about new tours and music coming out.

It was not until I was a sophomore in high school when I really started to understand how the media worked and was created.  I was fortunate enough to take a handful of media-oriented classes in high school that gave me a head start with a lot of the things I am learning here at NKU.  I always try to push myself to find easier and fancier ways to complete media projects to make my work truly stand out.


Favorite media: Music; it has always been a part of my life and it is connected to so many other forms of media.  Music also takes on so many different forms with all of the genres it can be classified in.  For videos and films, I think the music is the strongest way to set the mood and it can make or break a film.

Dream job: This is a tougher question.  I think my dream job would probably lie somewhere in the audio world of media.  I thoroughly enjoy filming behind a camera and capturing audio with a microphone and editing them all together, but I find the most joy and excitement with the wizardry that goes into audio.

Interesting fact: I play all different kinds of music on the guitar and I make delicious eggs.