Chris Decker


Year: Junior

Major: Journalism

Minor: EMB

Role: Story Editor

High School: Cooper High School




Just like most of you attending this event, I too started getting interested in the field of journalism in high school. One of my best friends came to me and introduced it to me like this:

“Hey come take this journalism class with me. It’s pretty cool and an easy grade.”

It went something like that anyway. What I thought could just be an easy grade turned into a career path and an introduction to something I really love doing. I remember shaking and sweating the first time I went to go interview the principal of the school about the expansion of our school.

Now I have worked my way into the sports editor position at the Northerner, the NKU student-run news organization, and also had a story published on, a professional news organization. It’s amazing considering I began in high school with low expectations.

My passion and expertise is in athletics, and I have had the opportunity to cover Division I sports here at NKU and will be able to watch how the teams grow as they become eligible for NCAA tournament play.

Being a part of the Northerner is a really great experience. I hope it launches me into a career in sports journalism and maybe even my own radio show.

Outside of school I enjoy the outdoors. I like to hike and kayak. My favorite hobby is bass fishing. I have been doing that since I was 4 years old and it has become a passion. I also coach a basketball team at my church and I enjoy playing softball and basketball as well.


Favorite social media: My favorite social media is Twitter. I enjoy following sports writers and columnists to get their takes on hot button issues and they usually give really interesting takes.

Dream job: I would love to work for ESPN or be a baseball beat writer. Basically be Buster Olney. I would also like to have my own radio show.

Interesting fact: I am a member of the NKU Bass fishing team and we travel across the country fishing tournaments. We even won the Association of Collegiate Anglers Fishing Open on Lake Chickamauga and the Association of Collegiate Anglers National Championship in 2015.