Derek Daley

Year: Senior

Major: Media Informatics

Minor: Electronic Media & Broadcasting & Studio Arts

Role: Web / Graphic Editor

High School: Newport Central Catholic



This will my  fifth year here at NKU. With a background in multiple different types of media, ranging from Video, Audio, and Design, all the way to Web Development, I bring together experience in each different medium, which helps myself put out more interesting, rounded work.

I originally came to NKU for a music degree, but after my first semester, I found a new path, choosing to pursue Media Informatics as my potential career path. I have always had a feel for Visual Media & Design. In high school I would constantly be fiddling with Photoshop and messing with video production. I’ve always had that creative side, but have always had a thing for technology as well, and when I came to NKU and found out that I can combine that creative drive alongside that technological urge, I knew I was where I wanted to be.

This will be my second year doing the camp, and this year I hope to use everything I learned at last years camp, to make this one so much better!

I’m looking forward to graduation in 2017.