Fabio Souza


Year: Junior

Major: Electronic Media and Broadcasting

Minor: Media Informatics

Role: Video editor, Photo editor

High School: Campbell County High school




I became interested in creating media my freshman year of college. I had a Sony handycam that had been passed down between friends called the “Shop Cam.” The Shop Cam originated from the previous owner of Galaxie Skateshop. He had stumbled across the cam at a skate park, and it has been passed down to skateboarders in Northern Kentucky ever since.

With this camera I started filming skateboarding and random things I thought were interesting. My buddy approached me one day asking if I wanted to buy a Canon Vixia with a fisheye lens. I knew that this was a good opportunity for me to get a decent camera, so I bought it. I was so impressed by the camera quality and the distortion of the image from the fisheye, I was instantly hooked on filming.

I had compiled a good amount of footage on my computer and was now ready to start editing, but I didn’t know how. Luckily I had iMovie installed on my Macbook Air, so I had somewhere to start. I remember just looking at multiple YouTube tutorial videos, mimicking instructions like it was part of a list until I had a coherent video.

Watching YouTube tutorials has been one the most beneficial things to helping me learn about media and becoming deeply passionate about creating media.

Once I had watched enough tutorials I had learned my way around the video editor, and I developed my own style of editing. Editing fascinates me so much because you can take any image/video, and manipulate it any way you want, creating something totally different from what you once had. I love video editing because it is a way to describe my world around me.

Editing lets me try to mimic reality, or completely turn my back on it and create something abstract for the digital world.


Favorite social media: My favorite social media website would have to be Instagram because it is the most clean/simplified site that only shows photos and videos (perfect). I often find myself on Facebook though unfortunately.

Dream job: My dream job would be camera operating on movie productions, making enough money to travel and live freely.

Interesting fact: I have dual citizenship between the United States and Brazil.