Nate Weyman


Year: Sophomore

Major: Electronic Media Broadcasting

Minor: Cinema Studies (Focus in History)

Role: Video/Photo Editor

High School: Bishop Brossart High School




Hello, my name is Nathaniel, but I always just go by Nate! I have always lived in Northern Kentucky, and I always knew I would go to NKU.

This was my first year in college, and it lived up to and exceeded my expectations of how amazing it could be. Because of NKU, I was able to fulfill one of my biggest dreams of going to Africa, where I worked with a class to make multiple short documentaries.

I look forward to what the future holds for me here at NKU, both on campus, as well as with future study abroad opportunities that may arise!


Favorite social media: I would have to say Twitter is my favorite social media, mostly because it allows me to keep up with the latest rumors for my favorite sports teams, behind the scenes views at movies that I am looking forward to, as well as allowing me to post mini film reviews for movies I see.

Dream job: My dream job has changed over the years, but now it is to become a film critic. I have always loved movies and as far as I can remember, any time I have seen a movie, I have always critiqued it, even if I loved it. This would also allow me to travel to film festivals around the world and see new movies all the time, for a living!

Interesting fact: I have gone shark cage diving in South Africa with great white sharks!