Emerson Swoger


Year: Sophomore

Major: Photography

Minor: Media Informatics

Role: Photo/Graphics/Social Media Editor

High School: Springboro High School in Springboro, OH

Bio: Salutations! My name is Emerson Swoger and I am beyond thrilled to be a Photo and Social Media Mentor for this summer workshop!

During a typical day at NKU, you’ll find me at Einstein Bros., eating a cinnamon raisin bagel and editing photos or doing schoolwork on my laptop. When I’m not there, I am most likely sitting by Loch Norse, taking photos of an event, or admiring Griffin Hall’s lobby. Until last spring, I was a business informatics major until I realized I wanted to pursue photography full-time.

In high school, I was a band geek, a member of National Honor Society and director of my final spring musical. I didn’t discover my love for photography until a friend showed me the basics of a DSLR camera my senior year. Soon after, I joined our broadcast team and shot athletic events mostly. I graduated with an Honors Diploma and began my journey at NKU!

Outside of photojournalism and social media, I enjoy listening to alternative music, attending as many concerts as I can, ziplining, and playing board games with friends. In addition, I have worked at my parents’ coffee drive-thru since I was seven, so if you have any coffee-related questions, I’m the one to ask.

I look forward to meeting all of you and making this the best summer workshop yet!


Favorite Social Media: Instagram because I love formatting, editing, and displaying my photographs, obviously.

Dream job: I would love to go on tour with my favorite bands as their photographer, living on the road, exploring new places, and meeting more individuals.

Interesting Fact: In high school, I was in marching band and played the vibraphone, a mallet percussion instrument similar to a xylophone. I also only listen to cassette tapes in my car.