Maria Dossett


Year in School: Junior

Major: Public Relations

Minor: English/Honors

Role: Story and Social Media Editor

High School: Crittenden Co. High School – Marion, KY

Bio: I grew up with a passion for writing. I wrote my first story when I was six years old — an exhilarating, five page “book” inspired by Barbara Parks’ Junie B. Jones. So yes, I am experienced.

Seriously though, ever since I could remember I have been in awe of the beauty and power of words. In the fall of my sophomore year, I was looking for a chill job on campus and joined The Northerner, NKU’s student-run paper.

What I didn’t expect was for my love of writing to grow so much and in such new ways. Since working with the amazing staff and becoming an editor myself, I have grown to love and appreciate journalism more than ever. It’s an outlet that allows so many different voices to be heard and acknowledged, and the talent behind it is incredible.

NKU has become a second home away from my small, western Kentucky town. I’m also involved with Northern Right to Life and the Honors program. When I’m not on campus, I love going on stupid adventures with my friends, especially ones that involve food, definitely ones that involve Mexican food. I also love reading, losing my voice at Taylor Swift concerts, traveling and laughing loudly.

After graduation, I hope to begin a career doing marketing and communications for an organization I feel passionate about, like a non-profit or healthcare. I would also love to explore and more of the world.

This is my first year as a mentor, but I’m so excited for the opportunity! I can’t wait to meet you guys and see how talented you are!


Favorite Social Media:I love so many, but I think Instagram is my favorite. I love photography, even though I don’t know a whole lot about it. Instagram provides such an easy way to see beautiful photos, and let people stretch and show their creativity.

Dream Job: I’m Catholic, so I would love to work for a faith-based organization such as FOCUS or Blessed Is She. After watching the documentary Batkid Begins, it would also be a dream to work for the Make A Wish Foundation and help make kids’ wishes come true.

Interesting Fact: I’m Filipino! My great-grandfather traveled from the Philippines to Hawaii to work, and my nana and my mom were both born there! They moved to Kentucky when my mom was 12 because my grandpa was originally from here. I still have family in Hawaii though, and have been there four times!