Nathaniel Weyman


Year: Senior

Major: Electronic Media and Broadcasting

Minor: History

Role: Video/Visuals Editor

High School: Bishop Brossart High School (Alexandria, KY)

Bio: A little bit about me!

Hey everyone! I am a senior at NKU majoring in Electronic Media and Broadcasting. This will be my second year working as a mentor for the academy and I could not be more excited! The Journalism in the Digital Age academy is how I got my start at NKU, and I am excited to share my experiences and knowledge with everyone. I currently work at the Newport Aquarium in the photography department while also working on an internship at the Aquarium in their marketing department.

From what I have learned in the academy and my time at NKU, I have been able to film and edit several videos that have been uploaded to the Newport Aquarium social media outlets! My best experience so far at NKU was during my freshman year when I studied abroad in South Africa as the co-director on a documentary about animal conservation! I am very excited to be back as a mentor this summer and I cannot wait to get started!


Favorite Social Media: Without a doubt, my favorite social media outlet is Twitter! With Twitter I am able to follow live updates on some of my favorite things, whether it’d be the Oscars or the World Cup right now! It’s also really nice to post quick thoughts on a movie I’ve seen, or just celebrating a goal scored by my favorite soccer teams!

Dream Job: I want to work in documentary film-making, specifically covering the topic of wildlife conservation. As stated earlier, I was lucky enough to get early experience in documentary film-making on a bigger scale during my time in South Africa, and with my current internship, my dream feels like it could be soon a reality!

Interesting Fact: I’ve been cage diving in South Africa with great whites! Insert Jaws Theme Here.