Sam Rosenstiel


Year: Senior

Majors: Journalism, Electronic Media & Broadcasting

Role: Story Editor

High School: Highlands High School, Fort Thomas, KY

Full Disclosure: I was a studio art major when I first committed to NKU. A week later, I knew I had to make a switch.

Bio: In whatever job I ultimately landed, I knew I wanted to meet interesting people and tell their stories. After I realized I might only have one shot at starting a career in journalism, I changed my major. Then it hit me: I had no actual news writing experience. I anchored my high school’s monthly news show, but I didn’t know the first thing about being a reporter. That is, until I started at The Northerner, NKU’s student newspaper.

Since I started there, I’ve reported stories on sexual harassment, immigration, state finance, higher education, student government, and even jousters. Yeah, those guys who ride on horses and use long spears to try to knock each other out. Fun day.

I’ve been a Northerner staff writer, copy editor and news editor, and soon I will start as its editor-in-chief. I intern for the Cincinnati Enquirer, and some of my articles and videos have run in USA Today and WCPO-TV. I love good coffee, live music and chasing leads. I can’t wait to meet you!


Favorite Social Media: Tie between Twitter and Apple News. Both help me tailor what I should be reading and who is making or reporting the news.

Dream Job: War correspondent. It would be the most challenging job a reporter could take, and I would want to test myself.

Interesting Fact: I can recite the alphabet backwards in 10 seconds.