Shawn McLuckie


Year: 2nd Year Master’s Student

Major: Communication

Certificate: Communication Teaching

Role: Story & Social Media Editor

High School: Fort Campbell High School in Fort Campbell, KY

Bio: From my undergraduate years at the University of Kentucky up to my current program at NKU, I’ve done a little bit of everything! I’ve led a weekly radio show, did public affairs work for disaster response and prevention, worked in nursing, and learned how to bake a mean cheesecake here and there (hey, you don’t have to learn everything in a classroom).

Though my educational background hasn’t directly been in media/journalism, my research focus and interests typically revolves around the conversations and interactions that come from it! How does media influence people? Do video games affect people’s perceptions about historical events? In what ways can one song represent a mass audiences’ lived experiences? Those are typically the type of questions my field asks and how we connect into media and journalism.

When I am not studying or working on research, I’m usually catching up on podcasts while crafting or out discovering Cincinnati highlights!


Favorite Social Media: Discord has been go-to app for a lot of occasions lately. Typically used as a messaging/voice communication platform in the gaming community, it functions extremely well and takes virtually no time to learn. I use it for gaming, my online D&D sessions, and catching up with friends who don’t use typical social media for one reason or another.

Dream Job: My dream job would to be a professor working at an university. Empowering people to be better versions of themselves and seeking answers to questions about the subjective world we live in that a simple internet search cannot answer are two things I love about higher education and want to continue pursuing..

Interesting Fact: I once created a pointillism piece (an artwork done entirely dot by dot) for a history final exam project. Over 17 broken-up hours of continuous dotting of a canvas before I finished, but I got an A+, so it was worth it!