Laine Harrett


Laine Harrett, Mentor

Name: Laine Harrett

Year: Super Senior

Major: Business Information Systems

Minor: Information Security

Role: Web Editor

High School: Walnut Hills High School


This will be my second time working with this camp and I am very excited to be back and helping.

I’m the current Web Editor for The Northerner, NKU’s independent, student news organization and Norse Code Radio. I am also an ambassador for the College of Informatics at NKU and am President of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity on campus. I also participate in the Cornhole Club and Club Tennis on campus. 

When I’m not on campus I am freelancing in designing websites for clients and maintaining their sites. I also work full time for Nexigen Communications as an Internal Systems Technician. When I have free time I am usually relaxing with my friends, golfing or admiring cars. 

Favorite Social Media: YouTube. I live and breathe YouTube mainly listening to music and watching car and computer builds.

Dream job: My dream job is to own a garage that specializes in restoring and rebuilding classic/supercars. My second dream is to become a Chief Security Officer of a large corporation. 

Fun Fact: I started college in North Carolina where I played college tennis.