Josh Kelly


Josh Kelly, Mentor

Name: Josh Kelly

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism

Minor: Electronic Media and Broadcasting, Sociology, and Psychology

Role: Story Editor

High School: Owensboro High School


I am the Managing Editor for this semester and am so excited to be in this position. I love the idea of being able to see the way that media affects how we interpret the world around us and seeing what things are being talked about by media creators.

Last year, I took photos for our theatre department and loved every scene that I was able to shoot; taking photos for Cabaret definitely creates moments for interesting content.

If I have free time it’s usually spent on Twitter (this week is during Big Brother season so I’ll definitely be looking back and forth) and most of my content is mostly music opinion about new albums and other music stuff cause that’s all I know.


Favorite Social Media: Twitter

Dream job: Media Researcher

Fun Fact: I found out about Santa Claus while waiting for the Polar Express to pick me up.