Alyssa Nickles


Alyssa Nickles, Mentor

Year: Senior

Major: Electronic Media and Broadcasting

Minor: Communication

Role: Video Team

High School: Allen East


Hey guys! My name is Alyssa Nickles. I am a senior here at NKU studying Electronic Media and Broadcasting and I am STOKED to hang out with you this week. Outside of school I am a keynote speaker, writer, barista, videographer, and all around just simply your sister who drinks way too much coffee, laughs at her own jokes, and binge watches The Office.

Storytelling is my heart and soul- whether that is through photography, a blog, speaking, or film, I’m a firm believer that there is something we can learn from everybody’s story. So, I use my life to scope out and platform just that- a beautiful impactful story.

As a motivational speaker with Speak Love, I’ve gotten the amazing opportunity to travel and speak to over 50,000 people across the country- spotlighting vulnerability and an open heart with tremendous joy and commitment to empower and connect with others. Before film I was majoring in multiple careers, knowing nothing else other than I just simply wanted to “help people”. That is when I realized that filmmaking is a way you can do just that- be a hand reaching out. I hope that after this week, that is something you realize too. I went from being nearly a college drop out to a Dean’s List college student passionate about her career. I hope this week inspires the underdogs to look for the spark of light and to run with it. I’ve worked on promos, commercials, weddings, and freelanced some personal projects.

As a production and film major, I use film making to make a difference through creative non fiction storytelling. I have directed and helped produced a Blue Chip Awarded short film and with passion use my work to encourage other people to not only discover the art and impact of storytelling, but also find the inner creative within themselves.

With a great passion to make a difference and relate to others, I value being a sister and friend to everyone I meet. My life motto is impact over inspiration, being the greatest thing we can do is not fight for admiration, but fight to leave impact. I can’t wait to spend a week with you guys!


Favorite Social Media: Instagram

Dream Job: To continue speaking and making documentary style content that impacts and ministers to the hearts of others.

Fun Fact: I’ve been a barista for 4 years and can make a GREAT cup of coffee!