Corinne Byrne


Corinne Byrne, Mentor

Name: Corinne Byrne

Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism

Minor: Political Science

Role: Story editor

High School: Owensboro High School


Hey, y’all! I am currently the assistant Arts and Life editor for the Northerner, a part of campus Greek life (I’m in Theta Phi Alpha) and have three jobs. But if you ask, I am not busy and will always make time for something else— like a new story.  

I joined the Northerner within my first couple weeks at NKU. I’d always had my heart set on journalism and the goal was to start here. I began as a confused freshman with zero experience in news writing, am currently still just as confused, but I have found my niche within the arts and life realm. My favorite things to write about are concerts and album reviews. The Northerner has challenged me as a writer just in this past year and has given me some of the most fun and unique opportunities of my life already. I’ve also found some of my closest friends here. 

If I’m not chasing down a story, I can usually be found in a coffee shop or at a concert. I talk entirely too much about astrology, ghosts, The 1975, Captain America and how One Direction breaking up is the source of all of my problems. I play a few instruments and recently have gotten into photography. 

I’m so beyond excited for this week and getting to meet y’all!


Favorite Social Media: Twitter! I enjoy a nice, aesthetic Instagram as much as anyone, but Twitter has the good content. 

Dream job: My dream job is difficult to choose. It seems to change every day. There’s a metaphor in my favorite book, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, about a fig tree representing all of the options of things to do with your life. The protagonist can only pick one fig, but she’s spending so much time trying to decide that ultimately the tree dies and she’s picked nothing. Depressing, I know. But I’ve always thought about being a political correspondent, a professor, owning a coffee shop somewhere in Europe, being in a punk band, running Rolling Stone magazine and being a storm chaser. Who says I can’t do all at some point? 

Fun Fact: I’ve been to around 13 concerts including Bunbury. I lost count. I also got kicked in the head at a concert once.