Kane Mitten


Kane Mitten, Mentor

Name: Kane Mitten

Year: Fifth-Year

Major: Journalism & Communication Studies

Role: Story Editor

Schools: Too many to list. I switched schools a lot.


I’m the Arts & Life Editor for the Northerner this year. I love seeing how passionate students are about their special interests, and can’t wait to see what creative ideas you guys come up with.

If I’m not sitting in the newsroom, I’m probably scrolling through Twitter, digging through SoundCloud and YouTube for new music or binge-watching my latest TV obsession.


Favorite Social Media: Twitter. Anyone who knows me knows I spend an insane amount of time on there. It’s kind of ridiculous.

Dream job: Honestly? Anywhere I’m writing about what I love is good enough for me. (But I’d love to be a prominent entertainment reporter.)

Fun Fact: I’ve been to four continents.