Megan Mixon


Megan Mixon, Mentor

Name: Megan Mixon

Year: Junior

Major: Electronic Media & Broadcasting

Minor: Creative Writing

Role: Video Editor

High School: Ryle High School


Hey everyone! I’m an incoming junior majoring in EMB with a love for narrative filmmaking. 

I started making films when I was ten with little model horses, and from there my love for it all turned into the passion it is today. I’m super excited to get to meet everyone because the biggest draw to film for me is the people. I love getting to know different personalities and work creatively with them.

Other than that, I’m involved with the Norse Film Society. I tend to focus more on editing, but lately I’ve become obsessed with cinematography. I’ve learned that pretty much everything I’ve tried (except for lighting…) I love so picking my favorite thing is a bit difficult.


Favorite Social Media: Youtube is definitely my favorite. It presents a great opportunity for creators big and small to share their work.

Dream job: This is a tough one because I’m not really sure…something to do with editing or camerawork…preferably on a film set…

Fun Fact: I love cats as much as I love film, which is a lot.