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Julianna L

Julianna L, Student


School: Loveland High School

Year : Sophomore

Photography has always been my one of my favorite interests. It allows me to take pictures of what I find unique. My favorite type of photography is underwater photography. I’ve seen baby turtles and tiny snakes at Camp Ernst Lake. I spend the majority of my time taking pictures and posting them on my Instagram and Snapchat account.

What’s your favorite social media and why? My favorite social media is Snapchat, obviously. Snapchat allows you to see what’s trending on the news feed and as well as take silly pictures of yourself, texting, and to post on your story.  

What is your dream job and why? My dream job is to become a detective in the police force. Detective work interests me because I like investigating who committed crimes and joining out and meeting new people on the job.

What is an interesting fact about you? One interesting fact about me is that I’m a softball player. I’ve played softball for 5 years from 2013 to the start of this summer as a pitcher and on first base.  

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Julianna L