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Sophia G

Sophia G, Student


School: Conner High School in Hebron, KY

Year: Sophomore

My freshman year of high school I took a Intro. to Media class that I really enjoyed; this class gave me insight on different parts of media. It opened a new door to the possibility of a future career in the media field. I really enjoy taking pictures and making small movies with my sister. I used to be a committed ice skater with a true passion for the sport. When I retired because of an injury, that passion and commitment switched over to the media world and I am ready to learn more.

Photography has always interested me. I love imagining the photographer in whatever strange position he or she was in to get the shot. A dream of mine is to take photos for the National Geographic. Those photos make me rethink what I already know about photography and I hope to make that same impact on someone else.

My Favorite Social Media would have to be Instagram. The layout and the user-friendliness of the app really helps me enjoy posts from friends and family. I also really like sharing family photos with my little followers.

My Dream Job would have to be to direct a major motion picture with my sister as the main actress. Another job I would love would to work is in a newsroom on TV.

One interesting fact about me is that I have professionally ice skated for about 10 years of my life. Another interesting fact about me is that I really like Converse. I have about five pairs, all different colors and all really comfy.

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Sophia G