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Vance Underwood

Vance Underwood, Student

School: Mason County High school,Mason, Ohio

Year in School: Senior

I have written a review of the TV series “Sherlock” for my local newspaper The Ledger Independent, and I frequently contribute to the pop culture blog Mindlessspace.net, which was created by my friend J.W Story as a way to publish our writing.

I write science fiction and fantasy and enjoy creating fictional universes and coming up with biographies for original characters.  I am a huge film and television fan and I enjoy writing reviews of recent movies and TV shows as well as essays and commentaries about my favorite shows and movies.

My dream job is to be a screenwriter and director. I would also like to one be a producer, possibly founding my own film production company.

What’s your favorite social media? I don’t use social media, mainly because I prefer to conduct interactions with other people in person and prefer privacy on the internet.  I do however, occasionally use email to communicate with my friends and relatives.

One interesting fact about me is that I have been to Europe.

I traveled to France and Spain last year as part of a school trip given by my Spanish class.  

Another interesting fact about me is that I am currently trying to improve my skill at art, particularly drawing.


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