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Alysia Morgan
Highlands High School, Fort Thomas, Ky.

Year: Junior

I have two different colored eyes, one blue and one green, creating a unique feature about myself. My interests outside of workshop include catching up on my favorite shows on Netflix, learning about psychology, and being around my friends and family.

I really like photography because looking at life through the lens of a camera creates a new perspective of how you perceive things and captivates the beauty of anything. I also very much like being able to figure out different ways/settings to take pictures off of a camera to improve in my skills.

Journalism is a subject I have taken for over three years now at Highlands High School from learning the basic skills to observing others, I like it because being productive in something and in the end seeing what you did in the school yearbook or newspaper.

My favorite social media would have to be either Instagram or Tumblr because I like to see other’s interests in things and their perspective upon what they post.

My dream job would have to be being a psychologist because I very much like to help people and learn about different behaviors.

One interesting fact about me is having two different colored eyes.


Alysia Morgan, Student

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Alysia Morgan