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Brian Fogel
School: Lakota East High School

Hello! My name is Brian Fogel, and I’ll be a senior at Lakota East High School next year. I’ve been involved in the journalism program since sophomore year. I was a photo editor for two sections of the Spark last year, and hope to continue to be a part of the photo and broadcast section next year. I’ve worked on various videos for our online website.  I also wrote a few stories and many columns and reviews for our paper. Besides Journalism, I am thoroughly involved in botany and hope to go to college for both photojournalism and botany. Later in life I hope to be able to use a combination of those skills to work with National Geographic and the Nature Conservancy magazines. Working with the Peace Corps and the National Park Service is also in the realm of possibility. Spark is Love. Spark is Life.

Brian Fogel, Student

Jun 19, 2014
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Brian Fogel