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Cassandra Machenheimer
High School: Walnut Hills High School


Casey Machenheimer, an attendee of NKU’s 2013 Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop, admits, “I used to like art more than I liked writing.”

As she progressed from Sands Montessori to Walnut Hills High School, her interests changed.

“I started to write stories for my art,” Casey explains. As time went on the stories became more important to her than creating the art.

After two years at Walnut Hills, Casey decided to express herself through singing instead of basic, 2D art and joined junior choir.

Now in women’s ensemble as an incoming junior, the second highest choir in the school, Casey has found a love for singing and other extracurricular activities.

“I’m technologically impaired,” Casey said. “I’m more into academics.”

She is able to keep up with her schoolwork even while taking up multiple after school activities including film club, Latin club, dance, girl scouts, and soccer.


Cassandra Machenheimer, Student

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Cassandra Machenheimer