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Gabriella K.
High School: Sycamore High School 

Year: Senior


I am an upcoming senior in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have always had a passion for writing and media and I am so excited to learn all about it this week!

I’m the sports columnist and co-sports editor for my school newspaper, The Leaf. This year, I am also starting up a program with my journalism class to explore my interest in sports broadcasting.

Beyond the classroom, you will find me out on the sports field. I have played a plethora of different sports throughout my childhood. The ones that have stuck with me are soccer and karate. I am the goalie for my high school team as well as my club team. When I am not playing on the field, you will find me cheering on the USWNT and FCC. 

This past June, I worked at my childhood summer camp in Brevard, North Carolina. Through this experience I have been able to teach my passions to kids and learn a variety of different skills such as responsibility and leadership.


Favorite Social Media: I love Instagram because I get to see what people have been up to in just a couple of photos. 

Dream Job: I would love to be a sports reporter; specifically on Sports Center or for the USWNT. I have always been passionate about sports because I believe that it can unite people of all different ages, races, and ethnicities. However, If I am not out on the field participating, I would love to contribute to the sports environment with commentating.

Fun Fact:  I have a large family. I have two brothers that are twins as well as two step-brothers who are twins.

Gabriella K., Student

Jul 25, 2019
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Gabriella K.