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Gabrielle Maisch
School: Boone County High School

My name is Gabrielle Maisch and this fall I will be a senior at Boone County High School. At Boone, I participate in many programs involving journalism, webpage design, and broadcasting. My interests include writing, drawing, gaming, reading, and a multitude of other simple things. I have done a ton of volunteer work including that at the Boone county Main Branch Library in the children’s department and at Stevens Elementary helping to teach a taekwondo after school program, but have not had an actual paying job. That is my goal for the summer.  I am from a family of five with two younger sisters and three dogs (I love animals). For my future my dream would be to travel the world with a job I love, and I feel that with a degree in media and informatics could allow that to become reality.

Gabrielle Maisch, Student

Jun 19, 2014
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Jun 16, 2014
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Gabrielle Maisch