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Jack L.
High School: Elder High School

Year: Senior


Who you are: Growing up, I’ve always had an interest in sports. In grade school, I played every sport they offered for at least one season. I love to play baseball, but my favorite to watch is football. The sport is awesome, and I’ve always taken interest in how they deliver the glory of the game to my living room. When I got to Elder, I was given the opportunity to take an active role in that delivery through joining the EHSports broadcast team. What started as just a part-time camera operating position has led me down a path of new interests, including broadcast, graphic design and making promotional videos. Now, I am more involved at my school. Through getting involved in media, new doors have opened in the realms of student council, community relations and much more. I love Elder, and I am now hoping to carry all that I’ve learned there forward into the next chapter of my life.


Favorite social media: I’ve always been an Instagram guy because it was a nice way to connect with people in my grade. I am now testing the waters of Twitter to expand my horizons. 

Dream job: I’d love to be an NFL Films producer. They do some awesome stuff and really capture the awesome element of the game, and I’d love to learn to do that.

Fun fact: I once ate a whole extra large pizza when I was 10.

Jack L., Student

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Jack L.