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James Drury
School: Highlands High school, Fort Thomas, Ky.

Year: Senior

I aspire to be a mediocre writer someday, and practice my writing every week. Okay, every other week. I currently suffer from a crippling webcomic dependency, one which I do not intend to recover from, and am an avid gamer. I do occasionally dabble in being a warlock of incredible power, and have dueled with several elder gods. I have two pets a miniature schnauzer dog named Goldie, and a very long (I’m talking 1.75-2 feet long) cat, whose name is Cat Withakay. I enjoy reading books of all sorts, but prefer fantasy.

What’s your favorite social media?

Does Steam count?

What is your dream job?

A novelist most likely.

What’s one interesting fact about you?

There is a 0.00000000000000001% chance that as you read this, I am on fire.

James Drury, Student

Jun 20, 2016
James Drury Day 1 Slideshow! (Story)
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James Drury