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James S.
High School: Oyler High School

Year: Senior


I’m Editor-in-Chief of my school newspaper. I take pictures, manage the website, help manage social media and do the layout for the print edition. I started in 2017 as a general assignment reporter, then moved up to Director of Distribution/Deputy of Layout, while taking pictures for the paper. Our team has been trying to evolve the paper into the present by getting social media and a website for our paper, so I have taken many roles that didn't exist the year before.

When I wasn't doing the paper I was involved with student council and worked as a videographer for the female basketball and softball team at my school. I also attended dual credit college classes. During this summer, I have been hanging out with my youth group, doing a podcast, ACT prep and attending journalism workshops, similar to this one.


Favorite Social Media: My favorite social media is Twitter. I like it because you can respond to what others post and there is also less censorship on Twitter than Instagram and Facebook. I still use Instagram to send things to friends.

Dream Job: My dream job is to be a reporter for the New York Times. I want to do investigative journalism or political journalism. I don't get the chance to write for my paper with all my other roles—usually only one article per paper.

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is my favorite color is blue.

James S., Student

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James S.