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Judith Seaman
High School: St. Ursula Academy


Fourteen year-old sophomore Judith Seaman, from St. Ursula High School, is always exploring new opportunities in her young teen life, whether it be riding horses or dabbling in digital art.

“I started out with just pencil drawings and other sorts of that type of art and I thought it would be interesting to try some of that same art, but digitally,” Judith said.

She also enjoys writing fantasy-fiction, and has a Tumblr blog with her very own fan-fiction novellas. Her motivation for coming to Northern Kentucky University's Journalism in the Digital Age summer camp, however, was not for her love of writing.

Although she enjoys writing, she explains that it does not come very easily to her. Instead, she enjoys the photography side of journalism a lot more. “[Writing is] not a very strong suit, but I want to improve on it. I feel like I have over the past year.”

Her love of fan-fiction includes popular book series such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Percy Jackson. “Harry Potter’s the kind of series where I can open any one of the seven books and just start reading it, and know exactly what is going on,” she says.

Her enjoyment of Harry Potter goes even a step further, as she is in her school’s Harry Potter club. She’s also in the Arts and Services club and is trying to restart the school’s German-Swiss club. Not only is she participating in many clubs throughout St. Ursula, but Judith is also on the school academic team.

Her interests go farther than the computer and the classroom, however. Judith grew up in a family with a love of horses, and she has been riding for about six years.



Judith Seaman, Student

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Judith Seaman