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Jw Story
School: Mason County High School, Mason, Ohio

Year in School: Senior

I am founder and one of the authors of MindlessSpace.net, a website I created with my friend to share and expand my interest in journalistic writing. Along with my opinion and news articles on my website, I write short stories, novels, and poetry. I enjoy video filming, editing, and production, along with photography. I plan to make these hobbies a career in and after college.

I am skilled in HTML, CSS, game modding and programing, along with basic animation. I work with my high school’s Technology Student Association by creating websites for competitions. When I’m not by my computer… well I’m probably dead, I’m always there.

What is my favorite Social Media: My favorite social media would have to be Pinterest because you’re able to quickly view and share things without having to hear about other people’s lives.

What is my dream job: My dream job would be a video game news journalist or reporter, maybe in Public Relations, and I would love to work for Bethesda Game Studios, as their games and skills are what inspire me to work in the video game scene.

What is one interesting fact about me: One interesting fact might be that I am a member of the National Society of High School Scholars.

Jw Story, Student

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Jw Story