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Leila Jaafari
High School: Holy Cross High School


Although seemingly shy on first impression, Leila Jaafari actually reveals that she is most excited about interviewing during the 2013 Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop.

“I’m looking forward to interviewing," she said.  "I like people.”

The junior at Holy Cross High School says she is used to people because she comes from a big family and she enjoys the atmosphere, despite how loud it can be.

“There are just so many different people,” she said.

Leila is also looking forward to learning her way around social media and technology. Photography is another aspect of journalism she is interested in and her time spent on her school newspaper will definitely help her in the workshop.

Despite her shy nature, Leila is no stranger to the spotlight. She often participates in school plays and was recently in the chorus of her school’s production of West Side Story.  Her favorite part was dressing in clothes of the 1950s and attending the cast party, which was set up like a dance club.

Leila still enjoys moments to herself, however. She loves to read realistic fiction and sometimes science fiction and fantasy. Her favorite authors are Sarah Dessen and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Her love for books contributes to her interest in journalism, but it’s not hard to tell which she loves more.

“My dad jokes that I’ll go to the library and they’ll lock me out because I’ve read so much.”



Leila Jaafari, Student

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Leila Jaafari