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Dakota S.
High School: Highlands High School

Year: Sophomore 


I enjoy film, editing and video production. I took intro to film and broadcasting classes for freshman year. We worked on many film projects, including chase scenes, music videos, interviews, news segments and photo animation projects. Sophomore year, I will be taking Advanced Film, working on similar projects utilizing tools like Adobe Premiere and After Effects. 


Favorite Social Media: Instagram. I spend most of my time on Instagram because it is where most of my friends communicate and where I get information on things going on in the media. 

Dream Job: I want to do something with video production or editing. Whether it is short films, YouTube videos or any kind of film. 

Fun Fact: I won the best special effects award for our schools 48 hour film fest.

Dakota S., Student

Jul 25, 2019
Students find a career in film through skateboarding (Story/Media)
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Dakota S.