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Montserrat Mendez
School: Anderson High School

Hello, my name is Montserrat Mendez Higuera, but people call me Montse, and it is nice to meet you. I know what you’re thinking, weird name huh. It’s after an island near Spain; my grandparents are from there. I was born in Brazil (WORLD CUP LETS GOOO!), and when I was around two years old we moved to Mexico City, one of the biggest cities in the world. I lived there for nine years, when suddenly we had to move to an unexpected place- Cincinnati. I was halfway through sixth grade, and it was really hard leaving my relatives and friends behind. But, I have learned to love it here and every place that I have lived has shaped me into who I am today, therefore I am thankful. My dad used to work for P&G which is why we moved a lot. Now he works for DHL which is like FedEx but mainly international. I am about to be a junior at Anderson High School (time flies) and I am super excited. I am very involved in the community. I run track, sing in Chorus and in an acappella group, lead a bible study, have two jobs, am class president, and I LOVE journalism. I have been looking into journalism since I was a freshman in high school, and I really think it is the right fit for me. It’s everything I love to do- interacting with people, writing, working on and behind the camera, film editing, and traveling. I shadowed at Fox 19 News this year and I felt at home. I look forward to this experience at NKU, being exposed further to this field, and learning as much as I can.

Montserrat Mendez, Student

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Montserrat Mendez