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Samantha B.
High School: Notre Dame Academy

Year: Junior


I play varsity tennis at my school and practice pretty much every day after school. I am on my school’s student council as the junior class co-president and am in the Latin Honors Society. I am interested in photography and journalism. I also enjoy writing. My favorite school subject is science. In the future, I hope to find a career in science, although I am also interested in other subjects like journalism and want to know more about it. 


Favorite social media: My favorite social media is Instagram because I don’t have Twitter or Facebook or really anything else. I like being able to tell people that I think they are pretty by commenting on their photos or help let them know that I care about them. 

Dream Job: I want to follow a career in science and specifically would like to be an ER doctor. This kind of career has always fascinated me and recently, I have begun pursuing a way to enter this field in the future by shadowing people at the local hospital. I would also like to be a writer one day whether I am writing news articles or books. I have always enjoyed writing and think it would make a very fun career. 

Fun Fact: One interesting fact about me is that I have played tennis for nine years and am a pretty competitive player.  I have played in the state tournament for the past two years and have entered many tournaments throughout the years I have played. 

Samantha B., Student

Jul 25, 2019
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Samantha B.