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Sarah Wagner
High School: Walnut Hills High School


Sarah played a role in her high school drama department’s production of The Crucible.  Her favorite memory of drama club was when the entire cast stayed the night in the auditorium and tried to figure a way out.

“It was fun to scream and act crazy for a while,” Sarah said. “Even though it hurts your voice after a while.”

Another one of her memories from drama was staying the night in a junior’s house for a cast party.

“We really bonded,” she said.

Sarah said she decided to attend the workshop “to learn about the digital [possibilities], like cameras and Vine."

Sarah also helps with the JCL, the school newspaper. Next year for her school paper, she is going to be the viewpoint editor.

She is also part of Four Bar Measure, an accapella singing group that performs for charity. In addition, Sarah is in a ski club.

“I’d like to go into journalism after college,” Sarah said. “I want to write children’s books and journalism can help me.”

Sarah lives with her parents and her brother Brandon, who is going to the Art Institute of Chicago in the fall.


Sarah Wagner, Student

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Sarah Wagner